1. Geltungsbereich

The guarantee applies to our articles if they have been purchased directly from us. Territorially, this guarantee applies to such purchasers who have their place of residence or registered office in the European Union, Switzerland or Norway.

2. liability for defects

Das gesetzliche Mängelhaftungsrecht bleibt von dieser Garantie unberührt; vielmehr bestehen sämtliche Rechte nebeneinander.

Von der Garantie eingeschlossen sind Produktions- und/oder Materialfehler an den Produkten, die während der jeweiligen Garantiezeit aufgefallen und geltend gemacht worden sind. Voraussetzung ist, dass alle Produkte nach den anerkannten technischen Regeln und Normen durch einen Fachhandwerker eingebaut wurden.

Ausgeschlossen von der Garantie sind:

Schäden durch

  • Accident (unforeseeable and sudden event)
  • improper installation / disregard of the operating instructions / repair attempts by the customer
  • wilful or grossly negligent conduct on the part of the client
  • Force majeure (e.g. fire, explosion, natural events, war events of any kind)
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Loss of use of the defective product, as well as consequential damage of any kind
  • Damage to items and consumables that have to be replaced regularly or that are subject to normal consumption, as well as additionally/subsequently acquired items for the use of the product.
Damage the
  • fall within the warranty obligation of the trader or a third person
  • are covered by insurance contracts
Damage and costs for which
  • there is no defect in the product / can be detected
  • without affecting the product (e.g. scratches, paintwork, dents, dings, decorative features, ...).
  • through subsequent installations/conversions
  • due to operational failure and/or loss of production

caused by the customer himself or by third parties commissioned by him.

3. guarantee

Products included in the warranty will be repaired at our site or replaced with a replacement of equal value. Returns less depreciation are also possible at our discretion. We reserve the right to minor deviations in the case of replacements.

4. guarantee conditions

Damage must be reported to us in writing using the contact details below. In addition, proof of purchase (e.g. by means of a receipt) must be provided. The contact address is:

Engel Lighting GmbH & Co. KG
Ottostraße 2
61200 Wölfersheim

5. guarantee start/end

The warranty begins with the delivery (date of the delivery note or invoice) of the product and ends after the specified warranty period of the product.

6 Choice of law and place of jurisdiction

German law shall apply to this contract. The place of jurisdiction for disputes arising from this guarantee or other legal transactions concluded in respect of it shall be our registered office in Wölfersheim (Germany).

7. information on public liability insurance

Die Engel Lighting GmbH & Co. KG unterhält bei der Allianz eine Betriebs-/ Berufshaftpflichtversicherung.

Die Betriebshaftpflichtversicherung haftet pauschal für Personen-, Sach- und Vermögensschäden bis zu einem Betrag in Höhe von € 3.000.000,00 je Versicherungsfall; die für alle Fälle eines Versicherungsjahres vereinbarte Versicherungssumme beträgt insgesamt
€ 9.000.000,00.

The insurance cover of Engel Lighting GmbH & Co. KG covers damages due to lack of agreed properties, connection, mixing and processing damages, further treatment and processing costs, removal and installation costs including replacement measures, production damages due to machines as well as testing and sorting costs. Consequential damages are excluded.