PV-Halterung: Unübertroffene Stabilität und Vielseitigkeit für Ihr Zuhause!

Helios Flachdachhalterung: Maximale Flexibilität | Die Revolution der Solarmontage

Bluetti AC200MAX & B230: Ihr Schlüssel zur Energieunabhängigkeit

Photovoltaics+LED Lighting


LINE - Modular LED Plant Light

OPTIMUS - Modular LED Plant Light

Line Vertical - Modular LED Plant Light

Designed for exceptional crop performance, maximum profits and custom plant traits.

With WÜRH LEDs and highly effective and extremely efficient light spectra with an efficiency of 2.4-2.8 µmol/J/m²/s at an output of up to 300 PPFD at a distance of 30cm.

eGrow Tube - flexible LED plant light

The eGrow Tube has magnetic holders that allow it to be easily attached to any metal surface.

Accessories include the connection cable incl. switch and 1.5m cable with plug, extension cable 1m and the T-connector. Efficiency of 2.4 µmol/J/m²/s with an output of up to 84 PPFD@30cm.

In-house plant production resource-saving and efficient

We manufacture innovative horticultural lighting technology and lighting control systems and like to do things differently!

  • Efficient light spectra with LEDs from WÜRTH Elektronik

    By using high-quality materials, we ensure that our products last a long time and give pleasure.

  • Super simple installation

    Modular construction makes it easy to assemble, so you can move on to the next project straight away.

  • We plan each project individually with you

    Lighting planning and design are crucial for a successful production. We support you in this!

Current projects

Engel Lighting was founded with the vision of making the future market of in-house plant production more resource-efficient and efficient than it has been up to now. This approach is more important today than ever before. Founded in 2019, together with Würth-Elektronik EISOS, we are driving the vision forward from a team of plant scientists and biologists. Today, we are already active on numerous continents and, as a provider of innovative horticultural lighting technology and lighting control systems, we would like to present some of our projects to you.

Lesotho 2022

Cannabis Farm

Lesotho - South Africa

Hollandpark Berlin 2022

Botanical Garden 

Hollandpark - Berlin

RuBa Baers GmbH 2022


RuBa Baers GmbH - Kevelaer

Engel industrial luminaires, highly efficient and optimal for application areas in administration, production, storage and packaging.

"Good light makes the difference"

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Veranstaltungen und Messen 2023

Intersolar München vom 14.-16. Juni (9-18 Uhr) Halle B5 | Stand 150R

Our customers and partners


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